Support Blair Crew

Support Blair Crew through our Spring 2022 Fundraiser – Fun Socks!

We appreciate your support! Blair Crew needs to raise money for equipment, boat motors and repairs to make sure that our boats are kept in excellent, working condition at all times!  Thank you.

Clicking Here will take you to the sock purchasing website, with a unique link for Blair Crew!

As a club sport, we receive no money from Montgomery County

Each boat for eight rowers costs Blair Crew: $50,000

Each boat for two rowers costs Blair Crew: $15,000

A set of 8 oars costs Blair Crew: $4,000

Each practice rowing machine costs Blair Crew: $1,000

Each oar costs Blair Crew: $500

Scholarship for one rower costs Blair Crew: $1,500.00

Blair Crew Inc is recognized as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.