Winter 2017-2018 Season

Registration Information

General Information

Winter training and conditioning begins on Monday, December 4th and continues until February 15, 2018. Heads-up: Spring season will begin February 26th!

There will be no water practice during winter training. Practices will take place Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm at Blair High School (room TBA).

There will be a $200 registration fee to participate in winter training. Rowers who participated in the Fall 2017 season will have a very lean registration process (please use link below). New rowers and returning rowers who did not participate in the Fall season must complete the full Blair Crew Registration process before they will be allowed to practice with the team.

Registration Timeline

Registration Deadline
November 27, 2017

 How to Register

Rowers who participated in the Fall 2017 season only need to complete the top section of the online registration form and check the box indicating that all information from the Fall season remains current. Click here to start!

New rowers and non-Fall season participants:

To register for Blair Crew, parents and guardians (for rowers under 18) and all rowers must review and complete the following steps. Please use the links below to access and complete the requisite registration steps.

1. Review the Montgomery Blair Crew Rowers and Families Handbook and the Safety Manual. Novice rowers must also watch the Safety Video.

2. Complete and sign the online Blair Crew Release and Waiver of Liability. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN FOR ALL ROWERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

3. Parents and rowers should review the online Blair Crew Rower’s Contract, which sets forth the expectations for team behavior, including no use of alcohol or drugs.

4. Make sure that the rower has a current USRowing Basic Membership and a current Release of Liability Waiver. USRowing Memberships are good for 365 days and can be extended for another year beginning three months prior to expiration. Liability Waivers are good for each calendar year. No one can participate in regattas without a current USRowing membership and current signed waiver. For rowers under age 18, a parent or guardian must complete the waiver. There is a $5.75 fee for joining or renewing. Rowers should keep a record of their USRowing ID number and password for this and future registrations.

a. If you are a returning rower, and your membership has been renewed within the last 12 months, then your membership is current. If the rower participated in the Blair Crew Spring 2017 season, then a parent or guardian should have completed the 2017 USRowing liability waiver, and that also should be current until next Spring. You can determine whether the membership and waiver status are current, and that you are affiliated with Montgomery Blair High School, by going to the USRowing website, going to Edit Profile under Members on the “Individuals” side of the page, then entering your USRowing ID number and password. If the membership and waiver are current and the affiliation is correct, skip to step 5. Otherwise, go to step b.

b. If you are a returning rower but your membership has not been renewed in the last 12 months and/or your parent or guardian has not executed a 2017 Calendar Year liability waiver, please update your membership and/or waiver by going to the USRowing website. First, renew the membership if it is not current or will expire during the spring season. On the “Individuals” side of the page, under Members, click on Renew/Upgrade, and enter the USRowing ID and password. If you don’t remember them, use one of the links on the Login screen. Make sure that you are affiliated with Montgomery Blair High School. If not, click the Join Organization button, enter “Montgomery Blair High School” as the organization name, and enter “GN7H6” for the club code. For membership type, select the Basic Membership. Click on Renew. On checkout, the site will ask for the $5.75 payment. Once the membership is current or if it is already current, fill out the waiver. Under Members, click on Waiver.

c. New rowers need to join USRowing and sign the waiver.  Go to  On the “Individuals” side of the page, click on Join and fill out the form. For Club or Team Name, enter “Montgomery Blair” and click on the Montgomery Blair High School selection that appears. A pop-up screen will ask for the Club Code. Enter “GN7H6”. For Membership Type, select the Basic Membership. On checkout, the site will ask for the $5.75 payment. Once the membership is complete, fill out the waiver. Under Members, click on Waiver.

5. Complete all parts of the online Blair Crew Registration Form.

6. Fees and Payment

a. Fees. The fee for the Winter season for all participants is $200 per rower.

b. Financial Assistance. Limited financial assistance is available. Please e-mail Carole Giunta at for consideration.

c. Uniforms. Uniforms are not required for winter practice.

d. Payment Methods. Blair Crew accepts payments through PayPal. 

e. Payment Options. Full payment will be required at the time of registration.

Winter Registration Fee Payment 
$200 due by November 27 registration deadline for new and returning rowers.
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

AND THAT’S IT! You are done– just make sure you have completed all steps!  

Questions? Contact the Registration Coordinator: Liz Prado at or 240-338-8977 after 7 pm. If you have problems with the forms or links, please contact Michael Blain at