Spring 2020 Season Information

The Spring 2020 Blair Crew season begins on Monday, March 2, and continues until Monday, May 18  (please see the complete Spring season schedule). Water practices will take place at Bladensburg Waterfront Park on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 3:30 to approximately 6:30 pm, and Saturdays from 9am-noon. During weekdays, roundtrip bus transportation is provided to and from Blair High School (estimated arrival at Blair 7:00 pm). Rowers will need to arrange their own transportation for Saturday practices. Land practices will take place Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm at Blair High School (room TBA).  All water and land practices are mandatory.

Regattas will take place primarily on weekends. Blair crew is currently scheduled to participate in five regattas (April 4, April 18, April 25 or 26, May 3 and May 14 – 16)

All rowers must complete the Spring Blair Crew Registration process before they will be allowed to practice with the team.

Our new Registration/Communication system: iCrew

This year we are using a new system called iCrew for registration, team communication, document signing, payments, rower practice check-in, boat line ups and more. We think this integrated environment will provide a streamlined experience that should save time and be easier to understand.

Step 1: Register on iCrew

Each rower, and at least one parent/guardian should register with the iCrew system. We encourage all parents/guardians to sign up with iCrew to make sure everyone receives team communications. You may use any user id you would like, but for ease in remembering, we suggest using your email address.

Most registration fields are self-explanatory, but here are some special notes:

  • When registering, use our team code 9rg48d
  • Family Key 1&2: These are used to link members of a family within iCrew’s database, so the parent/guardian can make payments and sign documents with/for their rower(s). All family members should use the same keys when registering. We recommend the following family keys:
    • Family Key 1: your last name
    • Family Key 2: a pet name or street address number
  • Tile Name (rowers only): This short name is used by coaches in line-ups. Usually your first name and last name initial (e.g. Tim H).
  • Mobile phone/carrier: In order to receive text messages from iCrew, you need to enter your mobile phone and carrier (e.g. t-mobile, ATT).
  • US Rowing Membership number: don’t worry about entering this, we’ll import your information for you.

Parent/guardian Registration

Rower Registration

Step 2: Read/sign Documents

Rowers and parents/guardians have several documentation steps to complete, including:

  • All rowers:
    • US Rowing Membership (rower only) *
  • Rowers and parent/guardian if rower is under 18
    • US Rowing Waiver *
    • Blair Crew Waiver
    • Blair Crew Rower Contract
    • Blair Crew Rower and Family Handbook
    • Blair Crew Safety Manual
    • Blair Crew Swimming Ability Attestation

* the Blair Crew iCrew administrator will periodically import the roster from US Rowing, which will fill in your US Rowing number, Membership status, and Waiver signing status.

To view the required documents and to sign:

  1. Log into iCrew
  2. Make sure your family unit is set up. You and your rower(s) will need to enter the same Family Key 1 and Family Key 2. You can change these values in My Profile.
  3. Click My Documents. Parents/guardians should click View My Family’s Documents
  4. For those documents you can sign on iCrew, click the Sign… button. Read the document and enter your name as shown to sign. The US Rowing documents link to an external site. In these cases fill out the required form online, and once complete, the Blair Crew registration coordinator will update your records in iCrew.

Step 3: Fees

Spring Season fees are $900. This cost can be paid in one lump sum or split into three equal payments. Blair Crew is committed to supporting access to crew, for all interested athletes. We have limited funds for partial scholarships. Please contact Lucy Shivan (lshivnan@gmail.com ), for more information.

First payment deadline is February 28.

To make a payment:

  1. Parent/guardian logs in to iCrew
  2. Make sure your family unit is set up. You and your rower(s) will need to enter the same Family Key 1 and Family Key 2. You can change these values in My Profile.
  3. Go to My Payments, then View My Family’s Payments. Click the Pay button for a payment.
  4. To pay in full, click the Buy Now button, to pay in three automatic equal payments spaced out in one month intervals, click the Subscribe button.
  5. Log in to PayPal and complete your payment

Questions? Contact the Registration Coordinator: Deirdre O’Connor at ohaverland@gmail.com.