Save the Date!  Spring Break Camp for Blair Crew

When: Saturday April 13th through Thursday April 18th

Yes! Renay Johnson, MBHS Principal, has given rowers permission to miss school on Monday and Tuesday that week. Those students are STILL RESPONSIBLE for obtaining and completing assignments!

Where: Camp is held in Summerton, South Carolina, at Camp Bob Cooper with multiple chances to row every day – individualized attention and LOTS of practice!

How: We will need parents to drive rowers down and back (with reimbursements for gas), chaperones to stay during all or part of the week (lodging and food provided), and food donations (since the food down there is pretty bad, we are going to try and supplement this year)….anyone interested please contact Penny Rigler, this year’s coordinator (Thanks, Penny!)

How much: Cost is not finalized yet, but expect it to be around $450-550 for the week- includes lodging, rowing, transportation, and some food.

Questions, comments? Contact Penny Rigler a