Fall 2016 Registration General Information

Download waiver for our new land practice arrangement

As our crew team grows, we may face space limitations on the bus, in the boats and with the number of rowers coaches can coach.  In the event we have to limit the number of students who sign up for the Crew team, decisions on who will be on the team are based on the following factors:

  • Montgomery Blair students get priority over students from other schools.
  • Coaches will make cuts based on a rower’s dedication to crew, ability to move boats based on seat races and erg times, and ability to attend practice.
  • Rowers who have not registered by the registration deadlines will not get priority.
  • Rowers who have rowed with Blair Crew in a prior season, get priority but are not guaranteed a space.  
  • Rowers will not have a confirmed spot until they receive a confirmation email from the team’s coaches or the registration coordinator.

Information Meetings

Parents and Rowers are strongly urged to attend the following meetings:

Who When Where
Rowers 3:30 pm, August 31, 2016 Blair HS, Room 152
Parents 7:30 pm, September 1, 2016 Takoma Park Recreation Center
7315 New Hampshire Ave


Registration Timeline

Registration Deadline
September 9, 2016

Novice or New Rowers

In addition to completing the steps under “How to Register” below, novice or new rowers must:

  • Pass a swim test to be scheduled at a convenient date (applicable to those who have not taken the swim test in a prior season).

    Novice Swim Tests:
    September 3, 2016
    September 17, 2016

  • Watch the safety video shown at the rowers meeting.

How to Register

To register for Blair Crew, parents and guardians (for rowers under 18) and all rowers must review and complete the following steps. 

1. Review the Montgomery Blair Crew Rowers and Families Handbook and the Safety Manual.

2. Complete and sign the online Blair Crew Release and Waiver of Liability.

3. Review and sign the Rower’s Contract found on pages 21-26 of the Rowers and Families Handbook. Both parents and rowers must sign the contract.  Please retain, but do not forward, a paper copy of your signed form.  You will confirm in the Registration Form (Step 5) that you have done so.

4. Make sure that the rower has a current USRowing Basic Membership and a current Release of Liability Waiver.  No one can participate in regattas without a USRowing ID and a signed waiver.  For rowers under age 18, a parent or guardian must complete the waiver.  There is a $5.75 fee for joining or renewing.  Rowers should keep a record of their USRowing ID number and password for this and future registrations.  The USRowing membership and waiver portal has changed this year.  If you have problems navigating the site, contact Anne Spielberg at

a. If the rower participated in the Spring 2016 season, her/his membership and release may be current.  You can determine whether the membership and waiver status are current, and that you are affiliated with Montgomery Blair High School, by going to the USRowing website,, going to Edit Profile under Members on the Individuals side of the page, then entering the USRowing ID number and password.  If the membership and waiver are current and the affiliation is correct, skip to step 5.  Otherwise, go to step b.

b. If the rower participated previously, but not in the Spring 2016 season, his/her waiver is not current, and the membership is probably not current.  They can be updated by going to the USRowing website,  First, renew the membership.  On the Individuals side of the page, under Members, click on Renew/Upgrade, and enter the USRowing ID and password.  If you don’t remember them, use one of the links on the Login screen.  Make sure that you are affiliated with Montgomery Blair High School.  If not, click the Join Organization button, enter “Montgomery Blair High School” as the organization name, and enter “GN7H6” for the club code.  For membership type, select the Basic Membership.  Click on Renew.  On checkout, the site will ask for the $5.75 payment.  Once the membership is current, fill out the waiver.  Under Members, click on Waiver.  There is a quiz on the waiver page, but it’s only educational.

c. New rowers need to join USRowing and to sign the waiver.  Go to  On the Individuals side of the page, click on Join and fill out the form.  For Club or Team Name, enter “Montgomery Blair” and click on the Montgomery Blair High School selection that appears.  A pop-up screen will ask for the Club Code.  Enter “GN7H6”.  For Membership Type, select the Basic Membership.  On checkout, the site will ask for the $5.75 payment.  Once the membership is complete, fill out the waiver.  Under Members, click on Waiver.  There is a quiz on the waiver page, but it’s only educational.

5. Complete all parts of the online Blair Crew Registration Form.

6. Complete and mail the Bus Permission Form. Copies of the form will also be available at the parents’ meeting.  These forms must be turned in before rowers can get on the bus.  Print, complete, and mail the bus transportation permission form to Blair Crew, Box 7056, Silver Spring, MD  20907.  

7. Fee and Payment.  Last, but definitely not least, is the fee.  The fees cover all of the rowers’ expenses except uniforms and entrance fees to special regattas.  The fees are paid for each of the Fall and Spring seasons.  Important note: Rowers who have not paid fees will not be allowed to participate in practices and regattas. Those whose fundraising and escript credit exceed $200 by the Spring of 2017 may receive a rebate, to be calculated at the end of the season.

a. Fees. The fees for the current season for novices and varsity are $600 per rower.

b. Scholarship.  A small scholarship fund is available.  Please e-mail Dirk Fitzpatrick at for consideration.

c. Payment Methods. Blair Crew accepts payments by check or through PayPal.

i. Payments by check: Make payable to: Blair Crew and mail to Blair Crew, Box 7056, Silver Spring, MD  20907.

ii. Payments by PayPal :
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!(choose Pay by Credit Card option)

d. Payment Options.  Whether you pay by check or with PayPal, Blair Crew allows payment in full or installment payments:

i. Full Payment Option:  $600 due by the Registration Deadline.

ii. Installment Payment Option:  $300 due by the Registration Deadline, and $300 by September 30, 2016.

e. Refund Policy.  All those who previously participated with Blair Crew in a prior Fall or Spring season are not entitled to refunds, except in exceptional circumstances.  New rowers may obtain a refund of the registration fee minus $25 only if they contact the Registration Coordinator in writing by September 16, 2016.  Rowers who do not get a spot on the team due to oversubscription will get a full refund.


AND THAT’S IT!  You are done– just make sure you have completed all steps!  

Questions? Contact the Registration Coordinator: Anne Spielberg at or 301-587-7972 after 7 pm.   If you have problems with the forms or links please contact Michael Blain at or Noah Matson at