Holiday Wreath and Candle Fundraiser 2016

Blair Crew’s annual holiday wreath and candle sale is one of our two major fundraisers for the year. Along with the Erg-a-Thon in the spring, this is how we supplement membership fees to pay for coaches’ salaries, equipment maintenance, regatta fees, insurance, and more. Blair Crew relies on each of us to take part to keep the boats afloat!

Part of each rowing family’s membership commitment is to raise or contribute $200 per year (combined seasons). The great news is that wreaths and Menorah candles are an easy sale to family, friends, neighbors, even local businesses. Here’s how it works:

  • Holiday wreaths are priced at $25. For each one you sell, Blair Crew keeps $13.50. Selling 15 wreaths covers your commitment! Sell more, and you will receive 50% of the profit as a refund in the spring! Returning as well this year are boxes of 45 6” blue and white Menorah candles, priced at $15, of which Blair Crew keeps $7.50.
  • Wreaths are 22” double-faced deluxe balsam from Maine. Full, fresh, long-lasting, and with a red fabric bow. Candles are a delicate blue and imported from Israel.
  • The order form and tally sheet are available as Word docs on Add your rower’s name and contact number before printing out copies. Rowers, visit neighbors, friends and family, and local businesses where you are known. Let them know you are fundraising for your team, which is not funded by school or county and relies on rowers to cover costs. Parents, take order forms to work and offer to colleagues. Post on neighborhood listservs. Keep in mind that you will hand-deliver wreaths and candles when they arrive after Thanksgiving.
  • Have customers fill in their info on an order form, collect a check payable to Blair Crew for the total ($25 per unit for wreaths, $15 for boxes of Menorah candles, no tax or shipping), give them the bottom of the form with your name and tel as a receipt, and keep the top part for your record. IF YOU ACCEPT CASH, KEEP IT AND WRITE A CHECK TO BLAIR CREW FOR THE TOTAL AMOUNT. DO NOT DELIVER CASH TO KRISTIN.
  • Tally orders on the tally sheet, and make a copy for yourself. Keep the order forms so you can make deliveries later.
  • Mail or deliver tally sheets with CHECKS NO CASH to Kristin Staroba, 10 Sherman Ave, Takoma Park MD 20912 to be received by NOVEMBER 1st. Questions?