The Blair Crew Holiday Wreath (and now) Candle Sale is one of our two largest fundraisers each year. Order form here.

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We are now registered as a group with escrip.  The escrip program is a rewards program where Blair Crew can earn money via online shopping and via registering your Safeway card, among other things.

Please log onto today to set up your account and register your Safeway card etc.

The group # on escrip is 500139969, but you can also find it by searching for Blair.

1. Set up an escrip account.
2.Designate Blair Crew as the group for which you are earning contributions.
3. Link your Safeway card to your escrip account.
4. Shop at Safeway with cash, checks or debit cards (credit cards do not earn rewards).
5. Notice all of the stores at escrip online where you can earn money for Blair Crew:

Nordstrom, Macy’s, LLBean, Expedia, Home Depot, Expedia, Lumber Liquidators, Amazon etc. etc.

Start now !  Go Blair Crew !


Blair Crew is one of only a handful of public high school crew teams in the Montgomery County Public Schools.  As a club sport, we receive no funding from Montgomery Blair High School or the county school system.  Coaches’ salaries, equipment purchases and maintenance, and regatta fees all come from team dues, donations, and fundraising events planned each year.  Team participation in these events is vital for the program:

  • Holiday wreath sales
  • Erg-a-thons
  • Car washes
  • Hat, sticker and bag sales
  • Special capital campaigns

Please consider a donation today by paypal or mail.  Our rowers need your support.

PO BOX 7056
Silver Spring, MD 20907

If you or your business is interested in sponsoring Blair Crew, please contact  Dirk Fitzpatrick at

Help fund the new boat!



If you would like a hat or  have any questions, please
contact  Stephanie Fitzpatrick,



1. What is an Ergathon?

An Ergathon is a classic Crew Team fundraising event where team members row a specified distance on rowing machines (ergs) and ask contributors to sponsor them. Coxswains participate by coxing rowers while they are “erging.” Team members will set their own personal erg time or distance. If a rower chooses, they can erg the equivalent of rowing the course of the famous Head of the Charles Regatta – 4800 meters- to be completed in one or two rowing sessions.

2. Why is the team holding the Ergathon?

To help raise funds to pay for equipment and other expenses so we can continue to compete at the top levels of U.S. high school rowing. This year’s ergathon funds will go towards equipment purchases we’ve made this year such as oars, cox boxes, etc. Blair Crew does not receive money from the school or the county. Without contributions, we will not have a crew program. Contributions help us buy necessary equipment and cover key expenses including equipment and coaching staff.

3. Where and when? 

4. What is my fundraising commitment?

Blair Crew team members will collect pledges for the Ergathon and record them on the sponsor sheet. A pledge can be based on total time, distance or a simple total pledge. Sponsors should be obtained before the Ergathon and donations can be collected before or after the Ergathon. Team members use various strategies to obtain contributions: Some ask for donations from family, friends, local businesses and neighbors. Others use the proceeds from yard work or babysitting jobs. Some parents have helped with fund-matching with their employer.

The fundraising goal for the year is for each Blair crewmember to contribute at least $200 in tax-deductible contributions between the Ergathon, wreath sale, and other possible opportunities. The Ergathon is a great way to raise the amount needed to meet or exceed your yearly contribution total.

5. What if I’m not doing Winter workout? Do I still have to participate?

Yes, the team needs you!! Everyone needs to meet their fundraising goal for the year. The funds raised from the Ergathon and the other fundraisers (wreath and hat sale) pay for the operating expenses of the whole team. These expenses are year-round. We don’t have large scale fundraisers in the Spring that require support from the athletes because Spring practice and race schedules are so intense – but the bills still need to be paid!

6. What do I do with my pledges? Pledge sheets will be sent out in December

Your sponsors can pay you before or after the Ergathon. The sponsor will get the top half of a sponsor form as a receipt and you keep the bottom part to hand in with the check. Checks should be made payable to Blair Crew. Please attach the check to the pledge form and bring them to the Ergathon or mail them afterwards to TBD

7. When do I row? TBD     Stay to cheer on your teammates!

8. What do I wear? Wear your Blair Crew t-shirt and rowing shorts.

9. What if I can’t row that day?

Go ahead and raise your contributions and we’ll find an alternate time to row during one of the winter workout days. You can send the sponsorship form and contribution checks to:  TBD.

10. What should I say to a potential contributor?

Tell them that Blair Crew is in its fifth year at Blair and is a school club that does not receive money from the school or the county. Without contributions, we will not have a crew program. Contributions help us buy necessary equipment and cover key expenses. Blair Crew is a nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible.

11. What do I get out of it?

Lots: (A) it shows your commitment to a great team that is getting a lot of attention in school, and from the local rowing community; (B) you are helping build Blair Crew into a powerhouse; (C) you are getting in shape; and (D) your teammates will be sharing this effort with you and want you to be there to contribute.

12. How can parents help?

  • Help your rowers obtain pledges from family and friends.
  • Volunteer to help organize the event!
  • Help with set up and clean up on the Ergathon day.
  • Contribute healthy snacks and drink to keep our rowers energized!
  • We will need families to bring their erg from home so we have more machines      available.
  •  sign up to help out at the Ergathon 

Get your pledges! Get in shape! Be there!

Help our Team build on its success!


 It’s that time of year again to help your friends and relatives make their holidays festive with the Blair Crew Big Red Bowed wreath. Our wreaths are fresh and evergreen and look great on railings, windows and doors. Well priced at just $20 each, folks can buy more than one.