COVID19 Actions

Blair Crew is implementing the following changes to team activities at Bladensburg Boathouse, effective July 1, 2020:

1. Self-Monitoring:  If you have other COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to the boathouse!  If you have had any close contact with an individual who has a confirmed coronavirus diagnosis, who is presumed to have coronavirus or who is awaiting COVID test results, do not come to the boathouse. If you become ill within two weeks of participating in a Blair Crew event, please consider reporting this to, or contacting the Coach.

2.  “Get In, Train, Get Out!”  To prevent overcrowding at the boathouse and on the dock, you must come ready to row and leave promptly upon the end of camp or practice. 

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing: You must sanitize or wash your hands immediately upon arrival (i.e. leaving your bike/car, or in the bathroom on the way in) and after completing your workout.

4. Masks: wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth at all times when on land (boat house, boat yard, Blandensburg park grounds) or on the dock.  A mask is not required on the water.  Masks must be worn upon return to the dock and until the athlete and coach leave the Bladensburg park. Masks must be worn in addition to social distancing measures.

5. Social Distancing: You must maintain a distance of greater than 6 feet from other persons at the boathouse and on the water.

6. Equipment Handling: You are responsible for your own equipment.  This means carrying in-and-out the boathouse, to and from the dock, and cleaning all equipment used.

7. Bathrooms: MNCPP may prohibit or restrict access to bathrooms. If bathrooms are available, use them at your own risk. You must wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

8. All boats must be washed down with soap and water and dried before returning to the boathouse. No exceptions.  

9. No storing of anything at the boathouse, please take away anything brought in.