WMIRA this Saturday (5/14)

Here are some logistics for this Saturday’s race. 

The lot will be available for you to park at 5:30 am.

Please direct your parents and athletes to carpool and to avoid trying to park in the TBC lot. This is a problem with most regattas at TBC – avoid the nightmare and park elsewhere 🙂

Note that trying towards the Watergate is an option in addition to Georegtown. 


The regatta has a permit for tents to be set up along the Georgetown waterfront park. I am meeting with NPS on Friday to determine exactly where they may be located. The tents are NOT to be staked to the ground. Please remember that the waterfront park and Thompson Boat Center are National Parks. Please respect the environment, and take out any trash that you bring in. The boathouse facilities should be reserved for the athletes and coaches. Please direct your parents to stay out of the way of boats to make race day traffic as efficient as possible. There will be portapotties for them to use.

Teams have asked about Chuckwagons. They can be parked along Water Street under the Whitehurst Freeway. That will be the easiest access to where the tents are.


If you have a trophy from last year, be sure to polish it up and bring it with you. There will be parent volunteers upstairs at TBC (or outside if the weather is nice). Please email Andrew Bright with any queries regarding volunteer duties.


Coaches/Coxswains meeting at 7:30am.

Looking forward to a great day of racing at the 9th annual WMIRA Championship!

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