Fall Practice Itinerary

Here is the Fall practice itinerary. Individual weeks may vary due to holidays and other school closings, etc. (See fall schedule)

  1. Land Practices Tu/Thu 3:30 -4:30 in front of the Blair weight room
  2. Monday Water Practice – Varsity only.  We’re trying to organize carpools so we can save the cost of the bus on Mondays ($375 per Monday).  If signing up in Signup Genius to be a Dock Sitter (MONDAYS ONLY), understand that we’re asking you to drive and please indicate how many rowers you can take.  We still need to organize additional carpools to handle all the rowers before we can cancel the bus (ON MONDAYS ONLY) but we’re not there yet.  Until we get our act together organizing sufficient seats in carpools, there will be a bus.  One way or another we’ll get your kids to the water on Mondays.
  3. Wed/Fri Water practice – bus leaves Blair Lot at 3:30 sharp, return 6:45-7:00
  4. Sat. Water practice – 9:00 – 12:00 at Bladensburg

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