Blair Crew News: Record Breaking Car Wash

Our rowers  made a record amount on our Car Wash = $ 1,113,55!

What a great way to kick off our 5th season of Blair Crew. We had great weather, 25 + team mates, including at least 8 new rowers! *  2 alumni *, numerous parents of new & varsity rowers, and 3 coaches. Fantastic turnout brings fantastic results!

Big thanks go out to all rowers and parents who helped hustle those dirty cars into the parking lot, and then wash the MOST cars we have EVER washed during a team car wash!

And last, but certainly not least, a major thank you goes to Miguel and Four Corners BP for allowing Blair Crew to be the first team to hold a car wash under Miguel’s new management !  Please consider Four Corners BP for any future car repairs/needs.

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