Power 10 to the Finish Line!

Our short but powerful pledge drive is almost over!  Don’t disappoint our rowers – if we all pitch in, we can make this happen!

PLEDGE CARD         Submit by June 9!

Yes, I want Blair Crew rowers to keep growing strong and fast!  Please accept my pledge towards making great things happen with our first-ever boat purchase.

My name:________________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________________________

Amount pledged:  (donations are tax-deductible!)

___ $200                                                                    ___ Check enclosed (check #_____)

___ Other amount: $_______                                  ___ I will pay in July.

If we raise enough to buy a new boat, I suggest we name it ____________________________________ and paint it
(  ) Blazer Red
(  ) Stealth Black
(  ) Sleek White.

Please mail to Box 7056, Silver Spring, MD 20907 to arrive by June 9, or Email to blaircrewtreasurer@gmail.com.

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