Spring Break Schedule

Spring Break Practice

We will practice the Sat, Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs of Spring Break.  You need to arrive by 9:00. You should expect to be leaving at 12:00.

Important: The bus won’t be running so here are some transportation options for the mandatory practices:

Carpool – feel free to use this list serve and the rower’s Google list to ask for and offer rides.  Some of you are already forming carpools.  Use this handy map (thank you Lisa Felber) of rower addresses and phone numbers to make coordinating carpools easier:

*  Public transportation – use the WMATA website to plan a route – there is a bus stop right at the entrance of the park.

*  Bicycle – Chat with Emmy and Alex for details;  they have ridden their bikes to the boathouse on numerous occasions.

Any further questions please email Eileen Hoggarth at hoggarth911@verizon.net

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