Blair Crew Rower selected to All-Met

Congratulations to Adrianne Kehne!   Adrianne has been selected by the Washington Post to the All-Met Girls’ Rowing First Team.   She was Co-Captain of Blair Crew from Fall 2012-Spring 2014.   Adrianne hold the American indoor record for 6km among 13-18-year olds.   Blair Crew is proud to have had Adrianne lead our team!

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Spring 2014

Another great season for Montgomery Blair Crew despite the cold start and a few rainy days!   Rowers participated in the Gunston Invitational,  Baltimore Invitational,  Chestertown State Championships, WMIRA High School Championships, and the Stotesbury Regatta.


Gunston Invitational

Photo          Photo            Photo         Photo    

Baltimore Invitational    (Girl’s Varsity 8 takes first place in their heat)


      Coach Hope and Coach Kathleen even got to relax at Chestertown!

Photo     Photo    Photo



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Help Fund the New Boat

Blair Crew is excited to acquire a 2009 Vespoli mid-weight Eight.   Now we just need to pay for it.  Please help!
Donation Levels:
$8,000 – name the boat
$500 – sponsor a seat
$200- sponsor an oar
Or any amount that works for you would be greatly appretiated!
Click this link to donate and get more details

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2014 Ergathon

Another successful ergathon for Blair Crew with 29 rowers coming out to erg their way towards fundraising for the team.   A special thank you to Maureen Hearn for organizing this year’s ergathon and all the families who contributed ergs, snacks and their time to make this event a success!
2014 ergathon

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Spring 2014 Registration is Open

To register for the Spring 2014 season, go to the registration page.  Please note that rowers who have rowed with Blair Crew in a proir season,  who register with the required payment during the priority registration period (January 13-20) get priority but are not guaranteed a space.  New rowers have until January 20 to register.

As our crew team grows, we face space limitations on the bus, in the boats and with the number of rowers that our coaches can coach.   In the event that we need to limit the number of students who sign up for the Crew team,  decisions on who will be on the team are based on the following factors:

1.  Montgomery Blair students get priority over students from other schools.

2.  Coaches will make cuts based on  a rower’s dedication to crew,  ability to move boats based on seat races and erg times, and ability to attend practice.

3.  Rowers who have not registered by the registration deadline will not get priority.

Rowers will not have a confirmed spot until they receive a confirmation email from the team’s coaches.

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Winter Workouts Registration


Timing: The winter workouts will start on December 2, Mondays-Thursdays from 3:00-4:15 pm and run through February 27, 2014.  (No official workouts during winter break, December 21, 2012-January 1, 2013, and during finals and no school days, January 13-17 and February 17, 2013.)  

Who Needs to Register:  Rowers who registered for the Fall 2013 season are automatically eligible to participate in the winter workouts.  Only rowers who did not register for the Fall 2013 season for Blair Crew are required to register by Wednesday, December 4, 2013.  This form must be completed if your child plans to participate in Blair Crew’s winter workouts, and did not register for the Fall 2013 rowing season.  To be eligible for winter workouts, you must plan to row in Spring 2014 season.  However, registration and participation in winter workouts does not guarantee a spot in the Spring 2014 season, but may give a new rower priority over other new rowers seeking to register for Spring 2014.  


1. Complete the 2013 U.S. Rowing Waiver Only Membership and Release , following the steps below.  For rowers under age 18, this must be done by a parent or guardian.  In this process, new rowers will obtain a US Rower ID number which should be kept for this and future Blair Crew seasons. Returning rowers can follow the same steps to complete the 2013 waiver and enter or identify their US Rower ID number.  Without a signed waiver and Rower ID, you are not allowed to participate in regattas.

a. Go to or copy and paste into your browser.

b. Under “Athletes” on the right, enter the Blair Crew Club Code:  GN7H6

c. Enter two of the following: your rower’s name, birth date, or USRowing Member ID.

Choose your rower’s name from the populated list

  • If the name is listed more than once, choose the “paid membership” number rather than the “waiver-only” number (if you have that choice).
  • If the name is not listed at all, “create new member.”

d. View and update your rower’s profile. You may also upload a photo! (Optional).

e. Submit your waiver.

f. Note the USRowing ID number so that you can enter it in the online Blair Crew registration.  Hold on to that number for future registrations.

2. Complete and sign the Blair Crew Online Waiver and Release, available here.

3. Complete all parts of the online Registration Form available here.

Questions? Contact Michele Nadir-Shaikh at or 301-275-8715.   If you have problems with the forms or links please contact Cindy O’Brien at or 301-681-9802.

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Blair Crew helps Clean the Stream

Thanks to all the rowers and parents who showed up to help clean the stream on Saturday!   Ben, Chris, Michelle, Trevor, Nico, Ayame, Aaron, Ajay, Adrianne, Cailyn, Emily, Eli, Alex, Carter, and Grant made sure that quantities of trash would not make its way down to the Anacostia and beyond. Special thanks to Linda Keeley for organizing the event and to David Keeley, Jeff Kehne,  Nakia Garrett and Coach Hope for coming to help with the cleanup.

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